Management consulting

Examine management setup, methods, and operating procedures and submit professional advice about requirements:

  • Inspect organization setup against concept and methods of “management and business re-engineering” and analyze cases and provide recommendation effective to raise efficiency and increase productivity.
  • Inspect conditions of organizations administrative, marketing, and operational and production viabilities and provide recommendations to correct it effectively to help troubled companies.
  • Inspect the effectiveness of human capital, and provide recommendation for its development, and ways to increase it’s effectiveness to achieve objectives of organizations.

Any additional consulting task that maybe required by owner.

Establishment of entities and policy and procedure manuals

Starting with evaluating feasibility defining goals and strategy, through preparing articles of association, and down to operating procedures:

  • Providing services of establishing businesses and non- profit organizations, determining objectives, and strategies required for all markets.
  • Establishing standard operating procedures (SOP) including; financial, operational, marketing, investment, HR, along with auditing procedures and systems suitable to optimize performance of both public and private organizations.

Selecting the most suitable automated systems and applications that serve better the organizations objectives and their business environments.

Restructuring & re-engineering

Reviewing and analyzing management setups, work procedures, environment, goals, strategy and evaluate services and production outputs:

  • Investigate work environment, management, and operating procedures against organization’s objectives and strategies and carefully analyze findings then   submit reports along with suggested solutions for higher efficiency and better productivity.
  • Examining and identifying the administrative, operation, production, and marketing needs and develop the appropriate programs, plans and effective (SOP).
  • Analyzing efficiency of human capital and provide alternatives development and align responsibilities with employee’s job descriptions with ideas to upgrade environment to attract qualified executives.
  • Execute “Re-engineering “on troubled entities that our findings proves their directions and financial stands could react positively.

Transforming operating procedures to the best suitable automated systems for organizations activities.

Analysis, Measurement, & Evaluation

Analyze organization and derive strength, weaknesses, and threats internally and externally that are being faced:

    • Analyzing, measuring, and evaluating profit and non-profit organizations for determining their competitive ranks as to financial, operational viability, and work environment related to objectives, strategies and results, in accordance with international standers indicators.
    • Analyzing, measuring, and evaluating organizations for the purposes of merges, acquisitions, as well as for management, and financial upgrading.
    • Evaluating effectiveness of organizations activities and operations and determine deviations, misalignments and suggesting proper business solutions that may reverse such deviations, develop performance, and/or avoid further deterioration.

Wealth & assets management

Analyze investment distribution and it’s returns against specialized indicators and alternative market opportunities:

    • Evaluating investments allocations and it’s returns related to available markets opportunities and organizations expectations and restructure them when necessary.
    • Marketing projects and businesses for sales and manage/supervise liquidations and take over process.
    • Arrange merges and acquisitions plans and manage/supervise its actual phases of execution.
    • Evaluating new and operating projects and businesses for sales and hunt investors.

Organizing administrative events

Keep open contact with centers specialized in management development events:

  • organize conferences, forums, events, and activities specialized in organizational development and Management Re-engineering (Handarah) that would profoundly promote the contemporary management culture in businesses and public entities and foundations.

Programs design and training

Perform survies within organization and market to determine type of training re requirements and design programs accordingly:

    • Offering specialized training programs to support and develop top and middle management staff.
    • Designing special training programs for organizations corresponding to their managerial, operational and training needs.

Promoting management awareness

Through utilizations of all types media, Through media, conferences, workshops, and direct contacts with organizations, encouraging beneficiaries to focus on administrative development by spreading awareness of management latest techniques among employees and train them to use it.