President Statement

Ahmed Abalkhail

Master of Management and Organizational Developments

United States of America

Introduction of the head of the center

We have established the (Management Engineering Consulting Center), with intention to become a well-recognized international firm specializing in “management and organizational development“, through the latest methodology of “Re-engineering”. It is intended to serve a wide range of business organizations during the ongoing Saudi economic transformation under the vision 2030, which has facilitated a favorable environment for investment and diversification in business and portfolios, yet encouraging both government and private sectors to optimize performance to contribute positively in the national economy.

Our center has persistently sought, through its highly specialized team of consultants to adopt latest organizational development methodology, tools, and mechanisms to attain excellence in every work module and service we extend to our clients. We look forwards to a promising future and long lasting consultancy activities through which we aim to promote awareness about modern management principles and apply latest management techniques that are extremely important for institutional viability and prosperity such as: strategic planning, risk and crisis management, internal audit, and employing up to date systems for monitoring, follow ups, performance indicators, and feedback, so as to enable management to well utilize opportunities and time, yet continue affective operation and business development. This method should guarantee (with God well) the Excellency and leadership in capital gains and employees satisfactions leading to loyalty.

We have exerted extra efforts to introduce our consultancy services to our clients in various administrative, financial, marketing and human resources as well as establishing organizations, designing of professional S.O.P’s related to all administrative and operational departments with international standards. In addition, we are building a special clients base of whom we will consider partners of success, sharing with them useful experiences and deepening cooperative values, transparency, credibility, and commitments to service with high quality standards.

In “Management Engineering Consulting Center” we promise that we will always provide the most innovative and creative methods, solutions, and will always become real partners to our clients all over the world in order to become a consulting practitioner with professionalism, credibility, and “out of box” thinkers unlike the usual market standard in consultancy.

Ahmed Abalkhail

management and organizational Development Consultant