Our Methodology

In “Management Re-engineering center “we apply management organizational development and compatible changes according to the latest management trends and technological systems& tools corresponding with the size and objectives of each entity. Meanwhile, we exert efforts to utilize the maximum resources available for each entity   be it private or public, including:

  • Applying modern methods of “Management Re-engineering” (handarah)
  • Adhearing to local and international standards as appropriately, while analyzing, planning, and designing of management tools and development models and applications.
  • Establishing professional mechanisms for monitoring and feedback to support all administrative levels necessary to revive entities.
  • Promoting the strategic thinking including innovation in utilizing resources available for investment away from stagnation or wastage.
  • Measuring capabilities of organization to analyze, strategically plan, crises and risks management and accordingly suggest alternatives venues to the top management.
  • Establish internal audit system, in accordance with international standard and train auditors how to apply it professionally and “constructively” and avoid misuse such as; threatening employees personal interests, hence becoming “destructive”
  • Managing change at the highest professional level to support the entities in their attempts to coincide with advancements and challenges turning them into successful and competitive entities.
  • Exhibiting successful management experiments and models, and develop the more adaptable with business, environment and cultural believes of the region where the organization operate.