Re-engineering & Human Resources

It’s not uncommon that the academicians and management practitioners share the same view that the Human Resources Management (HRM) is the backbone of every profit and non-profit organization. By the same token, the businesses that have realized and adopted this view early on have already managed to come a very long way in achieving growth and maintaining a competitive dominance. On the other hand, those who failed to pay a sufficient attention to the human resources are still struggling to gain a foothold unless their products and services have maintained a favorable position for reasons far from the normal competition and market mechanisms, like the monopoly for instance. It’s rather intuitive that operations re-engineering is the most important component in the management re-engineering, and human resource re-engineering is the most important component for being influentially crucial connection between management and operations. For this connection to wield an effective role to both (management and operations) constructs, such human resources should have sufficient qualifications, and show synergy that enable them to add value to both constructs, or else those two constructs won’t be able to effectively move.

Therefore, the operations re-engineering pays a particular attention to the human resources management for its important role in recruiting, nurturing, training, and appraising the human capital which is more important than the financial capital in feeding and developing the businesses.

Which requires managing distinct human resources with a strategic role in building organizations

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