When viewing our services you will notice that we as a management consultancy we establish new companies and utilize our services institutions and existing companies and organizations of all types and sizes, activities and locations ..Therefore, we offer have employment opportunities in the following formats:

Full time contract:

This include the “full time” jobs that we offer some times in various specialties and positions in our main office and/or  regional branch as well as with our partners and/or client companies.

 Flexible time contract:

This is what makes us more attractive to job seekers.. as we offer under this contract  employment in various specialties, positions, through various flexible format that are rarely found with other standard organizations as follow:

(1) Par-time format.

(2) temporary format.

(3) Freelancers format.

(4) project to project format.

These opportunities suites mostly those  who are already engaged with other full time jobs as they can work on their free times and from any where, interested candidates for “full time” and “flexible time” They can fill out the form on the website.
However consulting and training jobs “full time” and “freelancers” may submit their requests through the link on top of main page.

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