When looking at our services, you will notice that we, as a management consulting center, establish new companies, and our services are used by existing institutions, companies, and organizations of all kinds, sizes, activities, and locations Accordingly, to fulfill several institutional requirements we offer jobs and/ or assignments in two contractual forms :

  • Fixed time Jobs

It is available either at the main office or the regional branch, or at any of our partners and clients.

  • Flexible time work:

These job opportunities are distinguished by some consulting offices and are rarely available in all companies. They are offered to all specializations without exception through the following cases:

(1) Part-time work

(2) Temporary work

(3) Freelancers Work

(4) Project Basis Work

All of these opportunities are available even to those who have fixed work in other entities, because they do not require full-time work… For those interested in stable or collaborative jobs, they can fill out the employment form on the website

As for the fixed and collaborative advisory and training jobs, they can apply through the consulting opportunities link at the top of the home page.


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